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Why IATAN Accreditation?

Choosing IATAN is a wise and strategic business decision ensuring that your company and sales are accurately identified and recognized by industry suppliers globally.  

Who can be accredited?

IATAN's accreditation recognizes the diversified and versatile U.S.
travel professional who can and will continue to meet universally recognized requirements and who sell travel and travel related services.

  1. Store front, home based, or on the site of a customer
  2. Independent, partnerships or corporate businesses
  3. Ticketing or Non-Ticketing
  4. Meeting planners, event organizers or site selectors 
  5. Cruise and other specialists
  6. Utilizing a host agency
  7. Corporate Travel Department
  8. Corporate Client Location

Once accredited, you are assigned your own IATA numeric code and gain access to all IATAN programs such as:

  1. Personnel Registration
  3. AgentExperience
  4. Listing in CheckACode and other universally purchased products

    In the meantime, we continuously improve our products and services to offer a host of benefits.

Send signed and notarized application, completed forms and documents to IATAN.


[email protected]

Courier/Mailing Address:
703 Waterford Way, Suite 600
Miami, FL, USA 33126

Accreditation Kit (zip)


Additional information

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